Our contributors

Our contributors

Meet our contributors! They’re the hardworking and experienced bloggers and business owners who make The Plus Collaborative a success.

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Allyssa Barnes

Allyssa Barnes is a web designer from New Jersey. She works with small business owners and bloggers to create beautiful and functional WordPress websites that get results. Through her blog, she also helps bloggers simplify web design so they can customize their blogs with confidence.


Jessica Freeman

Jessica Freeman is an award-winning graphic and web designer helping service-based entrepreneurs create a brand that shines through every level of their business. Outside of designing, she also loves producing for her YouTube channel and podcast. Jess lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband, Aaron.


Cassandra Ewert

Cassandra Ewert is a Brand Strategist who will do anything for chocolate. Besides chocolate, she’s passionate about developing brand strategies that set you apart from the competition, create trust, and build loyalty. She’s also in love with puppies. And full-grown dogs. And coffee. And chocolate.


Mariah Tomkinson

Mariah helps you create, grow, and expand your current entrepreneurial endeavors. She’s your sounding board, cheerleader, and strategist, so you can achieve your goals faster. She has an MBA and BS in Business Administration, and over seven years working in fast-paced environments.


Nicole Peery

Nicole provides online business support and virtual assistance to creative entrepreneurs. She helps them create more, share more, say more, and make more. She’s a resource for anyone who uses their creativity to do awesome things online.


Brittany Berger

Brittany teaches entrepreneurs and marketers smarter ways to use content to build their businesses. From saving time on social media to creating content that converts, she teaches you better ways to build your business the inbound way.


Heather Brener

Heather is a HR coach for small business owners and entrepreneurs. She teaches small-business owners how to hire the right people for their businesses and how to lead and communicate with their team members.  Are you ready to find and keep the right people to take your business to the next level?


Elaine Malone

Elaine runs XOmisse, a design and development studio, where she builds completely custom sites for bloggers and creatives on WordPress and Blogger. Elaine has worked with hundreds of creatives from all over the world, and is the part-time web developer, tech writer, and editorial assistant at Blogosphere magazine.


Jenn Brockmann

Jenn Brockman is a website designer, lifestyle and business coach, and mother. Not always in that order. Ultimately, all of her work is about helping you express who you are and what your business provides to the world through your website.


Anna North-Row

Anna North-Row is an owner of North Row Consultancy, a premium brand stylist and marketing advisor. She helps businesses and ambitious entrepreneurs to grow and develop their business potential through online presence and tailored marketing strategies, so they can focus on their passions and what they love doing.


Conrad Martin

Conrad Martin has been helping companies grow for 20 years through branding video and graphics. He teaches new companies and bloggers to monetize their work with engaging content that connects and converts. His courses teach how to use affordable tools that make your work easy.


Winston Henderson

Winston is an Entrepreneur, Marketing Strategist, and Break Through & Consistency Mentor, that has built a home based business to over $130,000 per month in revenue, across 10 countries. His obsession is to inspire and help others realize their full potential and create their most powerful self, so that they can create the life they’ve always wanted rather than settling for the life they have